Saturday, 3 December 2011

25 Day Harry Potter Challenge - 6. Favourite movie?

I think my favourite movie is actually Half Blood Prince.  Deathly Hallows is amazing but it's incredibly upsetting!  I can't watch it without blubbing like a baby (in both parts).

I remember crying with laughter the first time I watched this film in the cinema.  Dumbledore with his knitting patterns, Ron being drugged with the love potion, Cormac McLaggen throwing up on Snape's shoes.  It's so much more light hearted than films 5 and 7 whilst still retaining that dark edge.

My favourite part has to be when Harry and Luna are on the way to Slughorn's Christmas party and she says she's never been to that part of the castle whilst awake at least.  She sleep walks so she wears shoes to bed.  I'm not sure why but I find Luna just hilarious!

If you want to find out more about the 25 Day Harry Potter Challenge then click here!

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