Saturday, 18 September 2010

Herbs and Spices!

These are some mixtures that will be popping up in my recipes quite a bit as they're pretty much in everything I make!! Get some jars (I use old coffee ones) and make these! All you need to do is mix them together and then you can make so many different dishes and it's SO much cheaper than buying the stuff from the supermarkets! I suggest going to your local market to buy the herbs and spices :)

Other than my Dad I have no idea where these recipes originally came from...sorry!

Fajita spice mix

3tbsp cornflower
2tbsp chilli powder
1tbsp salt
1tbsp paprika
1tbsp sugar
2 1/2tsp crushed chicken stock cube (I just crushed a few at the beginning and went from there)
1 1/2tsp onion powder (or dried flakes if you can't get powder)
1/2tsp garlic powder (or flakes/chips whatever is available!)
1/2tsp cayenne pepper
1/2tsp cumin

Put this into an air tight jar then repeat until the jar is full! (Or as full as you think you will need it to be) Now you never have to buy packets of fajita mix again!! If, like me, you really like the BBQ fajita mix just add some BBQ sauce while you're cooking the meat and vegetables.

Italian Seasoning

3tbsp dried basil
3tbsp dried thyme
2tbsp dried marjoram
2tbsp dried oregano
1tbsp dried sage
1tbsp dried garlic flakes (or powder)
1tbsp dried rosemary

Again put these into an air tight jar until it is full. A tsp of this mixture can replace the dried herbs in any of my previous recipes! However if I run out of this and can't make any more up I do resort back to my mixed herbs and dried basil.

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