Monday, 20 June 2011

My life is...

Kinda weird at the moment!  I've been making a box/basket all week for this show.  Stupid thing kept falling a part, clearly it hates me.  Thankfully it's all in one piece now.  I've also made some antlers for the show.

You can make anything out of wire and paper mache!  These antlers are now painted and attached to a headband.  Got some funny looks carrying them on the bus on the way home!  Hehe.

Had some pretty freaky dreams last night too.  I was in NYC for some reason, even though I've never actually been there, and then I was watching season 3 of Glee but they'd killed off Blaine.  Next thing I know there's an escaped giant racoon running loose and trying to attack people!  Then it turned into a giant red panda, which looked more like a Sylvanian Families toy than a real animal.  Then I woke up!

On a completely different, yet pretty awesome, note I was awarded the Butterfly Award by Rachael at Island Girl Insights!

Rules Of Award
1. Write a random fact about yourself
2. Pass The Award On
3. Notify The Bloggers Who Got It

Ok so a random fact about me... I love video games!!!  Especially old ones.  Or Nintendo ones.  Or Lego ones.  Or The Sims.

Er unfortunately I don't really know that many bloggers and the 2 people I want to give this award to have already received it but hey ho, they can have it twice! :)  I give this award to Rachael at Island Girl Insights and Amy at Caterpillar is Very Hungry.


  1. Cool antlers!
    I bought Ocarina of Time today for 3DS but its region locked to USA so I can't play it :'( So upset!!! xx

  2. Oh no!!! :( I have to admit that game is pretty much the only reason I really really want a 3DS. You'll have to let me know if it's worth it when you get it working!

  3. Giant attacking raccoons that turn into giant attacking red pandas ftw.


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