Thursday, 16 June 2011

Note to self.

Always always ALWAYS look where you're going.  No matter what you're trying to do.  Even if you are taking a picture, however pretty the picture, nothing is worth injuring yourself.

However saying this I will continue to be an incredibly clumsy person.

I am currently working on a production of The Merry Wives of Windsor which is taking place next week so that's why I've not updated this blog as much.  It's being performed at Lanercost Priory which is a beautiful ruined abbey about 20 mins away from Carlisle.  Now I shall explain my minor rant at the beginning.  I was taking some pictures of the stage area as it's going to be performed outside.  As I was taking one of these pictures I managed to forget there were some steps next to me and went flying down them sideways.  I think I've sprained my wrist from the fall but I did get a pretty picture in the end!

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