Sunday, 29 May 2011


Ok so I think I'm done with my meddling for now!  I'm quite satisfied with the prettyness level of the blog so now have no excuse not to do my work...  Oh well.

Oh before I go I should mention that it's thanks to Shabby Blogs that I have these snazzy new graphics!  You should go check them out whenever you next feel the look of your blog needs updating!

And now back to my essays.


  1. Hey! I've only just seen your new layout and stuff! Not up to date with my blog feed at all! I really like it! xxxx

  2. Glad you like it!!! :D Totally got the inspiration to be more creative with my layout from you so thank you! :) Hope you're having an amazing time in Tortola! xxx

  3. :)

    I awarded you with the butterfly award! :) x


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