Tuesday, 17 May 2011


My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.  ~Henry Ford

For me that should probably say the silly side of me rather than the best in me...  Oh well..  I love my friends and I wouldn't be who I am now without them.  They're the people who I would drop everything for, I'd travel all night to get to them if they asked me to.

However there's always that one person you consider to be your best friend (and I'm not including boyfriends or girlfriends in this).  That person for me is someone who I've known for almost 14 years now and her name is Amy.  We've not always been as close as we are right now but she was always there to cheer me up, even if she didn't know that she was doing it.  I will always be grateful for those school days when I'd be feeling down until I got into class and we'd write ridiculous notes about bent umbrellas and Spongehead und Senor Bose.  There's also a famous incident involving some stairs and a plastic sword which I will never forget, not to mention the many highlighter fights!!

Reminiscing about good times with Amy would be nothing without mentioning our almost unhealthy obsession with Pokemon.  I can still name all 150 original pokemon if you show me their picture.  The newer generations just aren't as good though, they're slowly getting more and more cutesy.  What happened to the epic pokemon like Ho oh, Lugia and Charizard?!

So why am I rambling about my best friend?  Well I just found out that she's also writing a blog!  Ok neither of our posts our going to win us Nobel Prizes or anything remotely prestigious but I hope we can give you some amusement.  Amy is also an amazing artist so I'm sure she'll be uploading pretty pictures from time to time!  You can check her blog out here Caterpillar is Very Hungry!

While I'm on the topic of talking about friends blogs you should check out ISLAND GIRL INSIGHTS.  I also know the author of this blog from school, though I've never been as close to her as I'd hoped.  She's a lovely girl and writes a very good blog! 

I hope you check out both of these blogs and you all appreciate your friends.  After all they're the ones who are going to be there when everything turns to shit and they'll say "Well at least we had some awesome times together!".

***EDIT*** Here's a freaky kawinky dink for you.  My last 2 posts have been about people who inspire me yes?  Well I just googled Gerard Way (because I'm just that cool) and he has the same birthday as Amy!!!  Clearly it's a sign from the universe/fate/God/whatever you want to believe in.


  1. POKEMON 4EVAR!!!! And I'm not that amazing as an artist. I haven't drawn properly in ages!

  2. I only just saw this post! Really touched by what you wrote! Thank you! :) <3


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