Saturday, 8 October 2011


If you know me then you'll know I love music.  I've just re-discovered a band I haven't listened to since I was about 16.  This band being AFI.  I just love everything about their music which is really rare for me, I even like every single song on their past 3 albums (supported by the fact I've had them on repeat for the past 2 days).  I just love how their lyrics aren't just song lyrics but more like poems.  You can read into them however you want and take from them what will inspire you.

One of my favourite songs, lyrics wise, is Death of Seasons.  I'll admit it's probably cause it mentions a lot about stars and I find them fascinating.  Not in strictly scientific terms but I just find it so magical how they light up the nights sky and twinkle.

Anyway I found this picture on deviantArt and I just thought it went with the song so well.

"I watch the stars as they fall from the sky.
I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying.
I feel the fallen stars encircle me, now as they cry."

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