Sunday, 14 August 2011


Currently wondering what to buy with my birthday money.  Really tempted to get a 3DS but wondering if it's worth the money?...  I really want to get Zelda and Starfox for it.

If anyone has a 3DS is it good?  I've heard the 3D effect can give people headaches...  Let me know what you think about the 3DS in the comments or email me!

If I end up not getting it I'll probably just buy books ;)

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  1. I have one!!!!!
    I loooove it. I don't think the 3D thingy gives me a headache, you can adjust how 3 you want it using the slider on the side so I just turn it down low or off if my head starts to feel fuzzy! I played Lego pirates of the carib on it and it was awesome. Also have nintendogs 3D but I get bored of that qucikly. Playing Dragon Quest 9 atm so not using 3D. I bought the Zelda game in the US MEGA excited to play only to find they're region locked so it didn't bloody work!!! Got a huge list of games to buy atm (2 Sims 3 expansions and one Sims Medieval!) so can't get it here yet :( Desperate to play it though!! x


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