Wednesday, 31 August 2011


That's right it's pastry time!  Now if you're anything like me that word is one of the scariest words in cooking, well don't worry you won't have to make any of it by hand.  For what I'm going to show you today we'll be using puff pastry, which is even more of a pain to make than normal pastry, so just go down to your local supermarket and buy the pre-made stuff!

First I'm going to show you...

S'mores Pasties!
My inspiration for these was taken from this page that I found whilst stumbling through the internet.

There isn't a specific recipe for these so I just had to experiment a little.  I made mini ones but you can make these whatever size you want!

Pre-made puff pastry (I got around 10 of these out of 1/3 of a 500g block)
Milk chocolate
Mini marshmallows
1 egg

1. Roll out the puff pastry until it's about 3/4mm thick.

2. Cut into squares.  You can make them any size you want but I think my squares were around 5cmx5cm

3. Add the chocolate and marshmallows to the centre of the square.  For mine I found that half a square of the chocolate and 2 mini marshmallows worked well.  Too many marshmallows and you'll end up with a sticky mess in your oven! (I found my marshmallows wouldn't stay in one place so only added them just before folding).

4. Crack the egg into a small bowl and beat the yolk and white together.  Once it's combined (or near enough) take a pastry brush and coat the edges of the pastry in this egg wash.  Don't throw it away we'll be needing it again in a bit!

5. Fold the squares in half corner to corner so you end up with little triangles.  The egg wash we just put on the edges should act like a glue and help stick it together.  To complete seal the seams (and for a bit of decoration) just crimp the edges with a fork.

6. Poke a couple of steam holes in the top with a sharp knife, brush on more egg wash so that the top goes nice and shiny and place them on to a baking tray.  (Always line your baking tray with grease proof paper!  You don't want to be cleaning up the sticky mess left behind if any of them leak!)

7. Place into a preheated oven at 200C.  Wait 15-20minutes or until golden on top.
8. Try to resist the urge to gobble them straight out of the oven and wait about 2/3mins for them to cool a little then enjoy!

It looks like this pastry thing is going to turn into a series of posts so next time it'll be... Mini cinnamon swirls!

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  1. These look so delicious! Definitely going to be making some asap xxx


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