Monday, 8 August 2011


Ok so I just realised that I totally forgot about showing you my Harry Potter manicure.  I did take pictures but they're not very good and I also took them about a week after I did the manicure so there's a few chips...

This is my bad hand (i.e. I'm left handed so I had to paint this with the wrong hand...).  It's not too bad but it's not great either.  As you can see I used a black base, then painted on my designs in silver (lightning bolt on ring finger and the deathly hallows on my thumb).  Once my design had dried I added a flakey top coat.  Any glittery top coat would look good but I always think there's something magical about flakies.

What you can't tell from the picture is that instead of using a normal black I used GOSH Black Passion.  It's basically just black but it's packed with really fine silver glitter.  I've never seen a nail polish like it and I love it!  The flakey I used is also by GOSH and I think it's called Rainbow.  GOSH do some seriously awesome nail varnishes and I think you should check them out if you don't know about them already.

Blurry :(  I suck at taking nail pictures clearly.  But you can see the design and that's all that matters.  I used a thin paintbrush to paint my designs on.  Probably ruined them but they weren't good ones anyway.  You can buy special brushes to paint nail designs on but this probably isn't going to be a normal thing for me to do so it wouldn't be worth me buying them.

This is the lightning nail from my right hand, as you can see I'm much better at painting with my left than my right.

And that concludes my Harry Potter manicure!

I hope you enjoyed it!  I'd love to know about anything Harry Potter related you've done, even if it's just something like you're re-reading one of the books.  Or checking your email every 5 minutes to see if you have your welcome email from Pottermore.  It's always good to meet new Potterheads :)


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  1. I love the nails! I'm going to be home this weekend so I might go and look for that flakey varnish it looks amazing I love it! x


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