Sunday, 27 November 2011

30 Day Challenge - 29. A picture of yourself AND 30. What has changed this month and what you hope will happen next month.

That picture is me at graduation!  I get to do it twice because I'm special!  (Also because I did a foundation degree then a top up... Technicalities.)  Anyways there I am in all my glory and silly hatness.  I've honestly never felt so ridiculous, those robes have so much fabric in them, they kept slipping off and I felt like I was walking round with a table on my head.  It was all good fun though!

And now on to the last point!  Which I can't really do seeing as this has taken me 3 months to finish instead of 30 days....  I'll just go with what has changed whilst I've been doing this challenge.

So the first thing that changed was I became a 3rd year and decided what I'm going to focus on this year!!  Go me!!!  I also graduated (see picture above!).  However I have felt a little less confident in myself recently.  That tends to happen when 2 of your tutors practically accuse you of bullying just because one of your close friends isn't doing exactly what they want her to.  Oh well I'm sure I'll be back to myself in no time!

Ok now what I hope will happen next month.  Well firstly I hope that the 2 shows I have go well!  Secondly I hope we get snow on Christmas and that I have a lovely time with all my family.

That's it for this challenge!  I'm going to start another one on Monday, and hopefully finish it properly this time.

If you'd like to find out more about the 30 Day Challenge then click here!

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