Friday, 16 September 2011


So I just went through and looked at my posts and I've realised I've not mentioned theatre properly in any of them.  I'm kind of disappointed in myself, especially as that's what I'm studying at university!

To resolve that and make myself feel a little better I'm going to show you some pictures from a show I did earlier this year called "The Importance of Being Earnest".  I designed the set for this show and had to do it by recycling pieces that we already had at the university as we only had around a £300 budget for the entire show.

Anyway I'll start off with some close up pictures of the set pieces, all I did with them was modify them a little (take bits off that I didn't want, fill in holes etc.) and then paint them.  I ended up with a team of very talented painters (mainly the cast) who I couldn't have done it without!

This window is totally wrong for the type of house this is supposed to be but, like I said before, I had to work with what was already at the university.  The picture that you can see in the window is actually a photo I took in the local park.  I'll try and remember where I saved those pictures and I'll do another blog post with them in.

I also painted the fire place, which you'll see in the photos below, but I'm not putting any close up pictures of it on here because I honestly don't like it.  I would do it so differently now, but I guess that all just part of the learning experience.

I don't think the pictures quite do it justice but at least now you've all had a little insight into what I do while I'm at university.

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