Thursday, 8 September 2011

30 Day Challenge - 1. Weird things that you do when you're alone.

Oh geez where to start...

So the recent thing that people (that I've told) seem to find a bit odd is I like watching Youtube videos.  No I don't mean the ones of the cute cats or the other animals doing funny things.  I mean the ones that people make which feature people, not animals, and aren't about how cute or funny something is.  Also when I say I watch them I mean it's become a sort of obsession.

As in I found this Youtube account about a month or so ago.  They have a total of 872 videos (as of writing this blog...) starting in 2007 and going all the way up to today.  (Yes I mean today, John Green uploaded a video 3 hours ago according to Youtube).  Now why am I telling you this?  Well since discovering this glorious collection of videos I have watched almost all of them.  I am currently somewhere in the midst of March 2011.  I've watched these 2 brothers grow and it's really jokes to see how people change.  I've also learnt a whole bunch of really awesome stuff and been introduced to some pretty nerdy inside jokes.  (French the Llama, puppy sized elephants, stuff on your head, in your pants, in my pants and giant squids of anger are but a few).

Chances are that if you watch their videos and like them then you are a Nerdfighter.

I hope you watched that video because if you didn't and you're confused about what a Nerdfighter is I'm not going to explain it!

The really amazing thing to see is not how the brothers themselves have changed, it's how they've changed the world around them and the face of Youtube itself.  From a project which started out as 2 brothers trying to only communicate through video blogs for a year it's spawned an entire community.  They've created events both virtual and in real life that are highly successful.  In their backlog of videos you'll find many different genres.  There are funny, happy, sad, angry, educational, musical, scientific, mathematical, literacy, drunk, ill, sleepy, cute and thoughtful videos.  Not to mention the countless videos encouraging you to give to charities and explaining what those charities do and how they decrease world suck.  I genuinely think there is something there that everyone will enjoy and I hope you go check them out.

Another couple of Youtubers who I follow are nerimon and charlieissocoollike.  I literally only just realised that the only people who I regularly watch the videos of are guys.  Weird...

So I hope you don't all think I'm a complete freak now for watching hours and hours of Youtube videos but I genuinely have learnt a lot whilst doing it.  For instance I now know who Phineas Gage was, what a quark is and that the Webb telescope is pretty much the most awesome thing to be sent into space ever!

See you tomorrow for another part of this 30 day challenge.


P.S. Who the eff is Hank?! ;)


  1. My favourites you should definitely give some of these guys vids a watch.

  2. Also OMGFactsOfficial and TheSlowMoGuys

    SO MANY :D x

  3. WheezyWaiter was at the 20sb summit giving a class and he mentioned the VlogBrothers. Which is how I go introduced to them.

    Wheezy was amazing by the by. Very fun and personable. :)



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